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Q: What mods are you running on your server?

A: View Distance, Vehicle Service Points, Tow/Lift, Suicide Script, Self Bloodbag, Plot Protection, Deploy Vehicle, Single Currency and Banking, DZAI, DZMS Missions, Safe Zones, WAI Missions, Walking Zombies, Snap build Pro, and InfiSTAR.


Q: What weapons are enabled? Vehicles? How militarized is your server?

A: We are running the full overpoch weapons compliment, with the removal of AS50s, M107s, and all thermal guns. All armed ground vehicles better then an M2 Humvee and armored SUV have been removed. All armed aircraft have had missiles removed. Our server is non-militarized.


Q: An admin touched me in a bad place, will that happen on your server?

A: Absolutely not. RIPRnet Dayz Overpoch was founded on a zero-tolerance admin abuse policy, partially due to admin abuse ruining OUR experiences on other servers.


Q: What rules do I need to know to play?

A: No hacking, no glitching, no duping, no building within 1000m of any trader. That’s it. No other rules. Our admins are not here to babysit Stary, and anything that’s not explicitly outlined right here is allowed. That said, use your brain. If you see an admin working on an issue in game, it’s most likely best not to run up and troll the living daylights out of him.


Q: Can I camp stary/say “f*ck you you f*cking f*ck” in chat/ram a heli into a scumvee/steal someones vehicle/log out in someone’s base/use multiple accounts/raid bases/steal plot poles?

A: See above.


Q: Really?

A: Yes! If the game lets you do it, and it’s not a glitch, we don’t care. Players have to solve their own problems here, not run for admin help.


Q: Why does this website suck so much?

A: It was made in 4 mins by the server coder, because our web designer has been playing minecraft.

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